Customer Reviews

I’ve had a number of procedures completed at Albany Dental from filling replacements, crowns, emergency root canals, to tooth implants. I wouldn’t characterize these as pleasant however none of these procedures were at all painful and the results were always good. I’ve been a patient here for many years and have never considered changing dentists.

Marco Kabbens

Best dental experience I have ever had. Everyone was very nice, and did everything to make me more comfortable. Very clean and fast. Couldn’t be happier.

Gregery Ganot

Best dental experience I have ever had. Everyone was very nice, and did everything to make me more comfortable. Very clean and fast. Couldn’t be happier.

Gregery Ganot

I had made inquiries and gone to several dental consultations at other places about replacing my damaged teeth, they just never felt right. I was referred to Albany dental by a friend. The excellent service, the sensitivity of the staff and of course, the implants themselves made for an incredible experience. I highly recommend Albany Dental.

Kathryn Torres

Amazing service, efficient staff and an all round great experience at Albany dental.

Doug Robinson

One of a kind doctors! They are excellent at what they do! I highly recommend them if you leave near or in Albany.

Darryl Potts

Amazing doctors! You are in the best hands here at Albany Dental!

Karl Townsend

The dentures from Albany Dental are very comfortable! I’ve had dentures in the past that were too tight. I definitely recommend them!

Alvin Wall

This is Albany’s best dentist. My tooth was cracked so I went in for a cap. They did a great job. I have gone for a while for regular cleaning and exams.

Chas Vance

Affordable dentist in Albany! They definitely care about their patients. They are thorough and good for dental veneers and just your standard cleaning and exam, too.

Kenny Rojas

I’d highly recommend this dentist in Albany, NY! I recently had some fillings done here. Everything was painless and smooth.

Tod Hope

I brought my son here for braces. The experience was very smooth for him. My family all goes to this dentist. This is a great place for cleanings if you want a thorough, affordable job and now I also recommend them for orthodontic work.

Jassica Sylvester

One of my tooth was decayed, so I came here to get a single tooth implant. I was very happy with the service. I didn’t have to wait long at the office and the doctor was very professional. 5 stars all around!!!

John Dean

My son was terrified to go to the dentist. It took a lot of convincing but we got him to settle down. The dentist was amazing and so sweet with him. He had been feeling discomfort while chewing, turns out it was a cavity. They were fantastic. If you’re looking for dentist in Albany, I’d certainly recommend this practice.

Bob Bobby

They’ve restored my grandfather’s smile! Excellent doctors! Strongly recommended!!!

Katrina Bowers

Very affordable dentist in Albany. They work with you to get you the right payment plan.

Agnes Hale

If you need your teeth replaced with dental implants, I highly recommend Albany dental. They are responsible for my beautiful teeth and breathtaking smile. Great experience.

Sam Hoag

Tooth pain, bad breath and general bad dental health are a thing of the past. Free of these weights, I’m living up the new me. I’m grateful for the highly skilled staff at Albany dental.

Rita Griffin

Thank you Dr. Haimson for being so wonderful! He is great with my whole family.We love him. My kids do very well here, so I recommend them pediatric dentistry, too.

Myrtle Darlene

I felt very secure in the hands of Dr, Haimson. I’ve heard only good things about him and trusted him completely!! I’m still in the process of getting a few dental implants. But so far, I have no complaints.

Brenda Johnson
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