No matter how or why you’ve lost your teeth, you don’t have to go without a winning smile. With advanced technology and the expert craftsmanship of your cosmetic dentist, you can have the freedom to eat many of the foods you enjoy, speak with confidence and once again feel good about looking in the mirror. Dentures can give you a life filled with promise because they allow you to smile back at the world.


Tooth loss can make it difficult to eat and speak. Missing teeth damage your smile and self-esteem. Dental dentures may be the solution you’ve been looking for. Dentures are used as a replacement for your missing teeth and gum tissue. Forget everything you’ve heard about them. These aren’t the ill-fitting, uncomfortable contraptions your grandparents had to suffer with.

Dental experts now use newer, more durable materials to craft custom teeth that look natural and fit more snugly. New technology has driven your dentures cost down, too. Affordable dentures have been a game-changer in modern dentistry. Thanks to this innovation, people from all walks of life can reap the benefits of having a full and functional set of teeth.

Which Dental Dentures Are Right for You?

While your dentist’s first goal is to preserve your healthy teeth, that isn’t always possible. Your new, custom smile is crafted with your specific dental needs in mind. And since your cosmetic dentist also is a family dentist, you’re assured that your basic oral needs are met fully before you’re ready for your smile makeover.

Depending on the severity of your tooth loss, there are several types of dentures:

But your choices don’t end there. Complete dentures are available as:

  • Conventional dentures. You get these when you have all of your remaining teeth pulled and your gums are allowed to heal for eight to 12 weeks before being fit for your new teeth.
  • Immediate dentures. Often referred to as one day dentures or same day dentures, these dentures are made before your teeth are pulled. While you don’t have to walk around for several weeks without teeth, this technique can require several adjustments before your optimal fit is achieved.
  • Flexible dentures. These are made of lighter, more malleable materials that conform to your mouth size and are easier to wear. They come in full and partial options.

Partial dentures are an excellent option if you still have some healthy, natural teeth. Partial dentures are either attached to a bridge or attached to a gum-colored base that uses surrounding teeth to anchor it into proper position. When your dentist decides to use a bridge for your partial denture, he may choose to cement it into position or allow you to remove it.

Are Denture Implants an Option for You?

Implants are taking the dental industry by storm. The dentures attached to implants are sometimes referred to as precision dentures they are still able to be removed, but can be firmly secured to surgical steel posts implanted directly into your jaw. This provides both a natural appearance, and it also eliminates problems such as slippage and rubbing your gums. They don’t inhibit clear speaking either since they’re so secure.

Denture implants typically drive up your dentures cost. Additionally, implants rule out any same day dentures. But since these implants look and feel so much like your own teeth, many people gladly pay the extra expense and willingly pass on the convenience of one day dentures.

Don’t Forget About Denture Repair

Lifestyle factors also contribute to which option is the best for you. If you tend to be absentminded or accident prone, a fixed or secured denture is likely in your best interest. But advances in dental lab technology mean that repairs tend to to be completed in a much more timely fashion.

Whether the damage to your dentures happens all at once or the damage is the result of wear, the result can be an extremely uncomfortable fit. Without proper care and repair, the damage to your dentures can get worse, and the price of necessary denture repair can add up over time.

Affordable Dentures May Be in Your Future

According to the American Dental Association, “Dentures make it easier to eat and speak better than you could without teeth — things that people often take for granted.” Take the time to consult your dentist. Most insurance companies cover at least a portion of your dentures cost. Some insurance policies cover the entire cost. If you care for your dentures as directed, they can last for decades.

Since your gum tissue tends to break down over time, it’s recommended that you have the fit of your dentures checked every few years to ensure maximum comfort and function. Smiling with confidence and improving your overall oral health are the goals of quality dental care. Allow the experienced team at Albany County Dental Associates to evaluate your dental needs and help you decide whether dentures are the best option for you. Contact us today!