Dental Implants

Missing teeth can give your confidence a big hit. They can make chewing and talking correctly more arduous. While dentures and other tooth replacement procedures present options, dental implants are the way to go if you want a permanent answer you can really rely on. Your dentist in Albany County can design a plan to help you achieve all your goals while also helping you find ways to pay for it.

When most people hear about dental implants, they think about artificial teeth. But the teeth replacement procedure involving implants is so much more. With cheap dental implants that meet the highest quality standards, you get strong teeth that work and resemble your natural teeth. You can eat, laugh, bite and speak as you always did.

More than three million Americans are already enjoying the success of low-cost dental implants. And the American Academy of Implant Dentistry  (AAID) reports the number is growing by close to 500,000 every year, irrespective of the dental implant cost. The success of all teeth implants rests solely in the hands of the dentist. Consult your dentist at Albany County Dental Associates  to learn how you can get affordable  dental implants.

Options for Teeth Implants

The implants are titanium screws that act like tooth roots. The dentist drills the tooth implant into your jaw bone, making it totally secure, while also helping reinforce your jaw so that you don’t experience any additional bone loss. And after months of recovery, a crown fits on the implant to provide a tooth-like appearance and functionality.

Crowns help to maintain your appearance and even improve it. Consider porcelain or zirconia crowns for a natural look and durability. Your restorative dentist also offers full or total missing tooth replacement options that include:

Reasons You May Need Teeth Replacement

Replacing missing teeth is a priority because too often an unattractive smile leads to a host of other issues, such as:

  • Low-self-esteem
  • Health problems from difficulty chewing
  • Proper speaking impediments from loose dentures  or poorly fitted bridges 

Getting the best dental implants is the ideal course of treatment after losing teeth, no matter why you lost them. Common reasons you may have to have teeth extracted,  in addition to an accident that resulted in broken teeth, include:

  • Extensive tooth decay  that can’t be remedied with fillings
  • Gum disease that lead to loose teeth
  • Illnesses like diabetes or cancer
  • Strong medicines

Single and Multiple Tooth Implants

Getting just a single tooth implant isn’t difficult. The procedure remains the same. The implant screw goes into your gums, all the way to the jaw bone. You have to wait until the bone and the titanium metal form a strong bond.

Once the implant is strong enough, the crown is fitted. You also have the option to go for immediate implant placement if your bones permit. But when bone loss has occurred, you need a bone graft.  After fitting the missing tooth replacement, no one can guess one of your teeth isn’t real.

When you need implants for multiple teeth, the process can be a bit more complex to get cheap dental implants. Implants can be used to support a bridge or serve as partial or full dentures on implants, for which the dental implant cost is higher. Talk to your dentist about your options; some of the costs may be covered by your insurance.

Best Dental Implants for Your Unique Needs

Besides seeking out low-cost dental implants, the time involved also may be an issue. Depending on the condition of your teeth and how many affordable dental implants you want, you have three main choices:

  1. Conventional implants take three to six weeks of recovery time before the tooth crown attachment procedure
  2. Same day implants get you immediate implant placement as well as the crown in a single day
  3. Mini implants work well when your bone health isn’t sufficient and may be faster than full implants

The survival rate of implants runs at 98 percent. They can last decades with proper care. Follow your Albany Dental team’s instructions closely to maximize your new implant health:

  • Brush with a soft toothbrush
  • Floss to remove any food remnants from the implants
  • Avoid biting ice or other hard substances, as the implant crown may chip or break

Affordable dental implants actually help preserve bone health and stimulate growth. And replacing missing teeth as part of your smile makeover can give you a new lease on your life and well-being.