Family Dentistry

When your family dentist also is a cosmetic dentist, you get the best from both specialties. A general dental professional ensures that all your health needs are met. And when he turns his attention to your desires, he improves your appearance more than you may expect. A family dentist treats all members of your family, so when your teen needs orthodontic work, she already has a relationship with the dental team. As you age, you may need dentures or choose to whiten your smile. Good news: the same dentist who sees you every six months and knows your history is the perfect professional to perform your cosmetic work.


Heading all over town to different providers for various dental services takes up a lot of time and resources. When you find a one-stop dentist such as Albany County Dental Associates, you have a practice that does it all, including all the cosmetic procedures you may need, while still able to give you and your family fillings, dentures and emergency care.

Your New York State family dentist sees your entire family, from your youngest to the family elders. And because you can’t get that winning smile if you have dental problems, your family dentistry team diagnoses and treats your dental health problems before any cosmetic procedures begin. It’s truly a complete dental practice.

Your Health Comes First

If left untreated, conditions such as throbbing tooth pain and gum disease can lead to even more serious complications. And if you wait, the progression only worsens. To prevent tooth infection and maybe even the loss of your natural teeth, your family dentist provides you with detailed instructions at each visit, such as:

  1. Make appointments for you and all your family members bi-annually for professional cleaning.
  2. Develop the habit of brushing twice a day with recommended toothpaste.
  3. Floss regularly to remove food particles that are hard to reach.
  4. Rinse with a mouthwash your family dentist recommends.
  5. Stay away from sugar-laden drinks and food.

Your children may develop better oral hygiene habits when they build a relationship with the best dentist near Albany. Take your kids to Albany County Dental Associates as they begin to cut their first teeth. They’ll come to know and trust your family dentistry team because they’ll always know what to expect. Those positive dental health habits they form early in life stick with them forever!

Get the Treatments You Need

Your family dentist provides all the treatments you and your family require. And he keeps it painless with the latest sedation techniques. Whether you have an ongoing dental issue or a dental accident, your dentist has your records and is ready to provide the appropriate treatments as you need them. Common dental treatments include:

  1. Diagnosing the source of tooth pain
  2. Filling cavities
  3. Addressing tooth trauma
  4. Doing root canals
  5. Preparing and installing crowns to protect root canals and cracked teeth
  6. Pulling teeth when absolutely necessary

Family Dentistry Can Make You Look Good Too

Choosing a family dentist who also earned additional certifications in cosmetic dentistry is a boon to your family. When it’s time to improve your appearance, you already know you can trust your family dentist. Your family dentistry practice offers a full range of cosmetic procedures to give you a complete smile makeover, such as:

  1. Veneers
  2. Braces
  3. Porcelain crowns
  4. Dental implants
  5. Bridges
  6. Teeth whitening procedures
  7. Flexible dentures
  8. eMax and BruxZir crowns

And if you need restorative dentistry in the process, your family dentist is fully trained and experienced with the procedures you need, including:

Choose a Family Dentist for Your Family’s Dental Needs

You’ll find that this Albany County family dentistry team checks all the boxes. Contact us for an initial consultation to ensure that the dentist and the trained staff meet your needs. You’ll find:

  1. Friendly and courteous responses to all your questions
  2. Affordable solutions
  3. Inviting, clean offices
  4. Top-of-the-line equipment
  5. Pediatric training

Consider that this family dentist also provides spa-like services, and you really can have it all in one stop. Ask about other procedures from your family dentistry practice, such as:

  1. Facial aesthetics
  2. Botox
  3. Facial fillers
  4. Juvederm®
  5. Facial rejuvenation

Additionally, your family dentist even provides solutions for jaw pain and sleep apnea, conditions that can directly affect your oral health and well-being. Albany County Dental Associates does it all!