BruxZir Crowns

A dental crown is a restorative dental option that helps you save your existing teeth and prevent further damage to problem teeth. Crowns have been used by dentists for centuries, but only the last few decades have they become so durable and cosmetically appealing that you can even get a crown on your front teeth with no one the wiser. Talk to your dentist at Albany County Dental Associates about the possibility of fitting you with a BruxZir crown, a top-of-the-line option that may be the ideal choice for your tooth.


Your New York State dentist may recommend a dental crown, also known as a dental cap, if you have a tooth that’s badly decayed, chipped, fractured, broken or discolored. Shaped like a natural tooth, but made from durable artificial material, a crown is intended to restore the damaged tooth’s shape, size and functionality. Crowns are made from a variety of different materials, including:

  1. Composite resin
  2. Porcelain
  3. Metal
  4. Zirconia
  5. Combinations of these materials

One of the most advanced choices of materials used in dental crowns is zirconia, which offers the strength of metals with the natural look of porcelain. BruxZir crowns are the top-prescribed brand of full-contour zirconia crowns in North America. Your Albany-area dentist may recommend a BruxZir crown for you.

Why Choose BruxZir Dental Crowns?

Zirconia is a sturdy material that comes in a variety of shades that are similar to teeth. BruxZir crowns are made of the highest quality zirconia. The BruxZir company puts it like this:

“BruxZir solid zirconia is a monolithic zirconia crown, bridge, screw-retained implant crown, full-arch fixed implant solution, inlay or onlay with no porcelain overlay. First launched as being ‘More Brawn Than Beauty,’ the material was originally intended to provide a durable, more esthetic alternative to posterior [porcelain-fused-to-metal] (PFMs) or cast gold restorations….

“BruxZir restorations exhibit improved translucency and color similar to natural dentition, making them a restorative option in the anterior [or front of your mouth] as well. Complete color penetration all the way through the restorations ensures greater shade consistency and prevents any shade.”

Reasons to choose BruxZir dental crowns include:

  1. They are resistant to stains and discoloration.
  2. They’re made of extremely strong material that resist chipping.
  3. The material is strong enough to withstand the grinding and chewing actions of back teeth.
  4. They can be matched effectively to the color of existing teeth, making them look natural; they’re difficult for anyone to tell them from your natural teeth.
  5. These crowns can be created and shaped right in your dentist’s office, which saves you time and money.
  6. They are a good choice if you grind your teeth.
  7. Since they’re created with computer-assisted design software, it’s less likely you’ll need future adjustments.

BruxZir Crown Disadvantages and Risks

There aren’t many BruxZir crown disadvantages. Zirconia is one of the most durable substances used in the creation of dental crowns, so problems with breaking or chipping of BruxZir crowns is relatively rare. There’s a slight possibility that the strength of the material may damage nearby teeth or impact the tooth root. In rare instances, these crowns may need to be re-cemented. Monitor the crown and its neighboring teeth to avoid issues.

At one time, zirconia crowns were considered to be off-color, but no longer. After some noteworthy advances, it’s now possible to have crowns so close in color to your own teeth that it’s difficult or impossible for people to notice that you have a BruxZir crown.

Risks to consider during the procedure aren’t common. Any dental procedure carries a small risk of allergic reactions to numbing medicine or to the materials used in making the crown, but this doesn’t happen often. And when you rely on your family dentist to provide your crowns, he knows your oral history and preferences, reducing risks even further.

BruxZir Dental Crown Prep and Placement

BruxZir crown prep and placement usually happen in a single visit to your Albany County dentist. Your cosmetic dentist gives you a local anesthetic to block any pain. After removing any decay and a thin layer of tooth as part of the BruxZir crown prep, your dentist uses an intraocular camera to create a digital impression of the tooth.

This impression is sent to a computer, which uses special software to cut the prosthesis to the required size and shape. The color is carefully matched to your natural teeth. The dentist fits this prosthesis to your tooth and makes adjustments as needed to ensure a proper fit and bite. Using this method, your crown can be prepared in a single visit.

Care for Your BruxZir Dental Crowns

BruxZir crowns feel and look much like your own teeth. And you care for them in the same way as a natural tooth. This means brushing and flossing daily, plus seeing your dentist twice a year for cleaning and checkups.

BruxZir crowns are made with a strong material that with proper care can last for many years. Talk to your dentist to see if BruxZir crowns are the best choice for you.