Cosmetic Dentistry

Many believe that cosmetic dentistry is purely for vanity —that it really isn’t necessary for most regular people. But improving your appearance plays an integral role in your overall well-being. Cosmetic procedures do more than improve your looks. And when you visit a general dentist who also provides cosmetic procedures, you get full service dentistry: better health and a more attractive smile. The dentists at Albany County Dental Associatesensure your oral health while treating you and your family for cosmetic issues.

A winning smile affects many areas of your life. Proper dental care that includes restorative dentistry as well as cosmetic procedures boosts your confidence and well-being. Your career, social life and physical health all benefit. When you need to find a cosmetic dentist near Albany, look for a team like Albany County Dental Associates who provide both family dentistry and cosmetic dentistry.

Albany Dental is a cosmetic dentistry practice that offers one-stop dental care for your whole family too. Call the best dentist for pediatric dentistry, a general dentist for all the adults in your family, emergency care when you need it and orthodontics for both youth and adults. We even offer sedation dentistry!

The Total Package

The best dentist in Albany County for cosmetic treatments offers ways to improve your appearance only after you achieve good dental health. Wellness and beauty go hand in hand. According to the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD): “Cosmetic dentistry is dentistry aimed at creating a positive change to your teeth and to your smile. We believe that esthetic dentistry must complement the overall general and oral health of the patient.”

At Albany Dental, you get both general dentistry to maintain your oral health and cosmetic dentistry to improve your smile’s appearance. Expect exceptional service and results when you receive both from a single restorative dentistry practice. Some common restorative dentistry procedures include:

  1. Teeth cleaning
  2. Tooth filling
  3. Root canals
  4. Extractions
  5. Tooth pain treatments
  6. Best dental practices such as bi-annual checkups

When You Need a Little More

Your cosmetic dentistry cost varies because it’s based on more than just the surface treatment that leads to your winning smile. Sometimes, you require restorative dentistry interventions to prepare your mouth for a smile makeover or another cosmetic procedure. Your final cosmetic dentistry cost includes the restorative dentistry procedures that assure your continued health.

Maintaining function, as the AACD wrote, is as vital as improving appearance. So the best dentist near Albany provides the latest state-of-the-art techniques, from digital imaging to sedation dentistry, to care for your overall wellness while preparing you for cosmetic procedures. Interventions you may require include:

  1. Bone graft
  2. Gum graft
  3. Broken tooth repair
  4. Tooth infection treatment
  5. Cavities filled
  6. Jaw pain treatment

Cosmetic Dentistry Specialties

Once general dentistry confirms that your overall oral health is sound, your cosmetic dentist advises you on the options available to give you that winning smile you deserve. Columbia University College of Dental Medicine reports that “cosmetic dentistry crosses all specialties and offers a wide range of options, including tooth-whitening, braces, and crowns.”

Additionally, at Albany County Dental Associates, spa-like treatments are available to further enhance your appearance. You feel so much better when your wonderful new smile complements the look of a facial rejuvenation that may include:

Your affordable dentistry solutions make your cosmetic dentistry cost all the more valuable when you complete your makeover with the solutions that suit you best. These vary, butmay include:

  1. Dental implants
  2. Clear braces or Invisalign retainers
  3. Dentures
  4. Bridges
  5. Dental plates
  6. Dental crowns
  7. Veneers

A Cosmetic Dentist with Options

Your New York State dental team has so many options, you can choose the best plan that fits into your lifestyle and your budget. Teeth straightening may be low on your list, but maybe you want to replace a lost tooth with a single tooth implant. If you’re prepared for an extensive cosmetic dentistry cost investment in, ask about top-of-the-line porcelain crowns or full-mouth implants

Your Albany-area cosmetic dentist first listens to your concerns. Then he advises you on necessary oral issues that need attending. Finally, he works with you to devise the best course of action to give you back the smile and the confidence you’ve been yearning for. Call today for a consultation.