Same Day Dental Implants

Waiting around for weeks or longer with a gap in your smile may not be palatable to you. If you’re in the public eye or have a job that demands customer interactions, it’s impossible. When you’ve found a cosmetic dentist who’s also your family dentist, your worries are over. As long as your gums and bones are healthy, you may be able to walk out of the dentist’s office with an implant and crown all in the same day!

The psychological implications of losing your teeth can be huge. People with even one missing tooth — especially in the front of the mouth — avoid smiling or laughing in public. Tooth loss directly affects your self-confidence and how people perceive you. It also affects your abilities to chew and talk properly. And it can have long-term health implications.

Same day dental implants are the fastest way to gain back your self-esteem. Let the dentists at Albany County Dental Associates  check out your teeth. If you’re a good candidate, you could go home with same day implants and enjoy all the benefits that come with your revamped smile.

Never Heard of Same Day Dental Implants?

Most people know what dental implants are. Same day implants are the latest innovation in dentistry; they work just like normal implants. But to get them, you need very healthy bones.

According to Adin Dental Implant Systems: “Known as ‘immediate loading,’ this process allows for the attachment of a temporary crown or bridge on the day of implant placement. In doing so, it provides patients with an immediate aesthetic solution, and in many cases, a functional one too. Although not appropriate in all cases, clinical experience has shown that, given the right circumstances, utilizing the immediate loading protocol is often by far the best course of action.”

Are You a Good Candidate?

Your restorative family dentist  must complete a dental checkup. You must undergo treatment beforehand for any problems like:

The volume and density of the bone where the implant is going to be set is crucial. You may need a bone graft before you can continue. But if you have good oral health, get ready for your one day dental implants.

Same Day Dental Implants Advantages

The biggest advantage with same day implants is of course getting your new teeth the same day. Conventional dental implants require months of recovery time. During that time, you have to either go without teeth or wear temporary dentures.

People also love the fact that there are no dietary restrictions with one day dental implants. With conventional dental implants, you have to stick with soft foods until you get your crown. With same day implants, you can eat whatever you want, within a reasonable waiting period for the healing process to complete.

Getting Your Implants

Once you’re fit to have the same day dental implants, your dentist extracts any tooth that’s loose or looks bad. After that, the implant is drilled directly in the hole made by the extracted tooth. If you’ve already had teeth removed, your dentist has to make an incision in your gums to make room for the implant. Your mouth is numbed — or you choose to undergo the sedation dentistry offered at Albany Dental.

After your surgery, the dentist attaches the crown to the implant. You may feel pain initially, as you just had surgery. But your dentist prescribes pain medication as needed. Ice packs and plenty of rest definitely help, too.

Risks from Same Day Implants

Just as with other dental implants, the screws or posts of same day dental implants are made of titanium. The metal is conducive to the human body, and implants have shown to actually help strengthen jaw bones. But any surgery carries risks; getting one day dental implants is no different. Infections, for example, can happen from improper oral hygiene after the surgery.

One risk that worries dentists is implant movement. Because your gums are so fragile, any force may shift the implant. According to Authority Dental, “For the same day dental implant to be successful, the implant cannot move. Because of this, … the dental professional must insert the implant in a way that ensures it doesn’t move at all. A same-day implant needs to fuse with strong bone and should most likely be able to withstand a certain amount of torque. The best candidate for same day implants already has strong bone and relatively healthy teeth.”

Survival Rate for Implants

A vast majority of implants survive. The survival rate ranges between 70 and 96 percent. It depends on the condition of your jaw bones. People who already have healthy teeth make suitable candidates for the procedure, so the implants are more likely to stay rooted.

People who have diabetes, cancer or other forms of debilitating diseases can get the implants, but have to be very vigilant. This goes for smokers as well. Proper brushing and flossing is absolutely necessary if you want to continue enjoying your one day dental implants.