Dental Health

Your dental health is a critical part of the overall health, happiness and success for you and your family. Taking care of your natural teeth is the first line of defense for your health. From cradle to college and into your senior years, regular checkups and cleaning help you to keep the teeth you already have. And when you need extra support, rely on the best dentist in New York State to provide you with the services and recommendations you and your family need to live a healthy, happy life.


You may think of tooth care as just another thing to check off the list of daily chores. But consider the success in business and relationships that comes from a winning smile. Think about the confidence that comes from sparkling teeth and fresh breath. You might take for granted that your teeth will always function properly, but without good dental health, it isn’t always the case.

At Albany County Dental Associates, you can get everything you need to improve your dental health. Do you need serious procedures such as a bone graft or dentures? Or do you want a complete smile makeover that may include teeth whitening and implants? Since Albany Dental is a family dentistry practice, you can bring the whole family in.

What Is Dental Health?

Basic dental health involves your teeth, gums, tongue —everything inside your mouth. When you think about your body, it’s easy to see that your dental health relates to your stomach health, too. The goal is to prevent lesions, gum disease and cold sores, to keep your teeth healthy and functional, and to make sure that the chemical environment in your mouth is well balanced.

Accidents and injuries can also be an issue, as can situations where teeth grow in crooked. While there may be nothing wrong with the teeth, being crooked can cause pain, make it difficult to chew properly or damage your self-esteem. And these issues are easily repaired.

Good diet and daily oral practices, along with regular visits to your dentist, help keep your mouth healthy. Visit your dentist on a regular basis —twice a year for checkups and professional teeth cleaning — even if you don’t feel any discomfort in your mouth or notice any problems.

Healthy Dental Practice

There are two major parts of dental health:

  • What you eat affects the state of your mouth, but it goes deeper than you may realize. Acidic or sugary foods can give bad bacteria in your mouth ammunition to attack your teeth. Starchy foods that easily get stuck in your teeth can be harmful too. Foods high in fiber are good for teeth because they act like a cleaning scrub. If you like sugar, it’s good to get at least some of it from fibrous fruits. Also, foods rich in calcium, phosphate, and other minerals help to strengthen and reinforce teeth.
  • Daily practices. Brushing twice a day is accepted as best for your dental health. Flossing at least once a day is highly recommended. Make sure to brush your teeth thoroughly, spending some time on the area where the gum meets the teeth. These easy-to-miss areas can cause problems even if you’re doing everything right.

Consult with a dentist on a regular basis to catch any problems early. Your family dentist suggests good health practices that may be unique to your teeth.

Professional Care

Even though you may take it for granted, your mouth is a central part of physical health and should be cared for by a professional, just like the rest of your body is. According to the American Dental Association: “Your mouth is a window into the health of your body. It can show signs of nutritional deficiencies or general infection. Systemic diseases … that affect the entire body may first become apparent because of mouth lesions or other oral problems.”

At Albany County, you find customized care according to what you need. Every patient is different, and having a dentist who understands you gives you a better chance for full dental health. The team is ready to deliver effective treatment quickly for instances such as:

Full Service Dental Health

Since your Albany Dental team also is trained and experienced in pediatric dentistry, they offer suggestions to your kids as they grow. Whether your little ones need sealants to help them maintain healthy teeth as they age or braces as adolescents, your family dentist can handle it properly for them.

Albany Dental also offers a complete line of cosmetic treatments that contribute to your dental health and growing confidence, such as: