Facial Fillers

Your teeth and gums are healthy after you’ve had a professional cleaning and checkup. Your dentist has completed any other treatments you needed. Now it’s time to consider ways to improve your overall appearance with cosmetic treatments such as teeth whitening. You’re likely feeling pretty good about your appearance. So rely on your expert dental team at Albany County Dental Associates to complete your look and restore your youthful vigor with the best facial fillers in the spa-like office.

Not only are traditional facelifts a highly invasive procedure, they also can prove to be very expensive, with a fair amount of recovery downtime. If you’re trying to achieve a more youthful appearance but can’t afford to take that time out from your busy life, facial fillers may be the solution for you. Once you’ve undergone a smile makeover  from the best cosmetic dentist in New York State, you can stay to receive the treatments you need to best complement your new smile.

With the advances in facial line fillers and the skill of qualified experts, such as the team at Albany County Dental Associates, it’s possible to achieve results comparable to a facelift, but for a fraction of the cost. In less than an hour, it’s possible to virtually erase the fine lines from your face. And results typically last from four months to a year.

Facial Fillers Are Not Botox

Since facial fillers and Botox are injections that diminish the signs of aging, many people tend to think that Botox is a type of facial line filler. But Botox works to relax the muscles that run underneath your wrinkles. Wrinkle fillers are everything their name promises. They are injected directly into lines and creases to fill them.

According to the American Academy of Facile Esthetics: “Facial fillers are products such as collagen, hyaluronic acid and calcium hydroxyl apatite that rejuvenate facial skin by reducing or eliminating wrinkles, raising scar depressions, enhancing lips and replacing soft-tissue volume loss through facial injections. With age, our skin becomes more susceptible to wrinkles and sagging. Exposure to sun and years of muscle movement squinting, chewing and smiling contribute to tissue breakdown.”

Results in your overall appearance after receiving facial fillers can be remarkable. And they don’t stop there. The best facial fillers can also be used restore volume and fullness to your:.

  • Cheeks
  • Lips
  • Jawline
  • Chin
  • Temples

Not All Fillers Are Created Equal

There is a growing variety of fillers available on today’s market that can give you the facial rejuvenation  you desire. Hyaluronic acid fillers are arguably the most popular type of wrinkle filler. They mimic compounds that are found naturally in your skin. They’re injected to replace the hyaluronic acid that your body has depleted with age.

Hyaluronic acid fillers also deliver a bonus skincare benefit: they attract water to your skin, replenishing its moisture. They are also an increasingly popular form of lip filler. Examples of hyaluronic acid fillers include:

Of the many lip injections available, the hyaluronic acid fillers used as lip fillers are able to restore, repair and improve the volume, structure and shape of your mouth and smile. Lip injections with gel filler can even help support and shape your lips and face.

Synthetic Wrinkle Fillers

Synthetic wrinkle fillers are fully man-made and not found in nature. All of the fillers in this group tend to produce redness, bruising, or swelling at your injection site. But they’re still effective at reducing the wrinkles and fine lines in your face.

It’s also possible for synthetic wrinkle fillers to cause small nodules to appear under the surface of your skin. Your spa experts at Albany Dental explain the differences and help you choose the most appropriate facial fillers for your needs. Your appearance goals are always the most important aspect of any cosmetic procedure.

Go Natural

A dental implant with a porcelain crown  gives you the most natural appearance. So to stay natural, choose autologous wrinkle fillers. They make use of your own body to combat your signs of aging and can bring about the most satisfactory results.

Your own fat is extracted and injected into your facial lines and wrinkles in a single visit. Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections, sometimes called vampire lifts, rely on plasma that’s extracted from your blood and purified before being injected directly into your problem areas.

Getting Better All the Time

Collagen wrinkle fillers were actually the first to be developed. They were originally made from purified collagen. Unfortunately, since they were getting the collagen from animal sources, mostly from cows, there was a high rate of allergic reactions.

There are now better means for purifying collagen. Of course, you can still choose a synthetic form of collagen. New technology has served to drastically reduce the risks formerly associated with collagen fillers. And while collagen fillers don‘t provide the longest-lasting results, they tend to be the most realistic looking.