Affordable Dentistry

Too many people in the U.S. believe that dental care isn’t really an important part of their family’s well-being. But your dentist contributes to your overall health. Costs may drive difficult decisions and affordable dental care may seem out of reach — even dental insurance doesn’t cover all your expenses. You’re in luck, because affordable dentistry is now within your reach at Albany County Dental Associates. They go to great lengths to work within your budget and even can help you find outside resources to get the vital dental care your family needs. It’s too important to ignore, and now you’re out of excuses.


Your family’s dental health should be as important as their medical health. The two are actually interrelated. Healthy teeth and gums affect everything from how you feel to how you look and what you think about yourself. Poor oral habits lead to a host of problems that will cost you a lot more in the future. Finding affordable dental care helps you maintain your health now so you don’t develop expensive issues later.

If you don’t have dental insurance and badly need affordable dentistry services, you’re in good company. Many New Yorkers have to choose between a visit to the dentist and a dinner out with the family. Whether you need affordable dentures or just a routine cleaning for you and your family, the clear choice for annual oral care is Albany County Dental Associates.

Why Healthy Teeth Are Worth Paying for

One of the most obvious reasons you need to practice good daily oral hygiene and visit your family dentist regularly is to avoid tooth pain. Once an infection or decay has reached a point that it causes throbbing pain,  you may be in serious trouble. In fact, losing the tooth may be the least of your problems!

Infections from your mouth eventually get into your blood stream and create more physical complications. Without healthy teeth and gums:

  • You may have difficulty eating and speaking.
  • Eventually, you may have to lose teeth
  • You’re more susceptible to jaw pain and sleep disorders
  • Your confidence may wane, leading to social isolation, depression and lower self-esteem.

Affordable Dentistry Services for Your Family

Your family dentist at Albany Dental provides affordable dental care for all your basic needs that, in addition to cleaning and pain prevention, may include:

But getting affordable dental care doesn’t end there. Your Albany Dental team also offers an entire line of affordable dentistry cosmetic services when you need to address an issue. From affordable dentures and implants to teeth whitening, your family dentist in the Albany area can do it all. Other cosmetic options to consider include:

A Clear Choice for Dental Implants and More

Your cosmetic family dentist has had special training in pediatric dentistry so should start bringing your kids in once they get their first baby teeth. A dentist who can connect with your kids can help them develop a lifetime of healthy oral hygiene practices.

While you or your parents may need affordable dentures and implants, your teenagers may be getting ready to ask for teeth straightening options. Orthodontic treatments at Albany Dental provide your family with options that include:

  • Clear braces for family members who don’t want to sport a mouth full of metal
  • Invisalign, great for older people and young adults who can follow a disciplined treatment plan

Affordable Dentistry Options

In the capital and surrounding communities, Albany County Dental Associates accepts most dental insurance plans, including dental PPO plans, all bank and airline dental PPO plans and union plans. From your very first visit, we talk to you about your budget, your goals and your expectations. Even if you need affordable dental implants, we can work within your means to get you the care you need.

You may be surprised at how many procedures are medically necessary and therefore covered, at least partially, by your insurance. And when cosmetic dental treatments are what you need to boost your confidence, the team here takes care of you! Contact us today!