Dental injury due to car / auto accident / no fault

Got hit by a car? Get into a car accident? Fall down and hit your jaw? There are many ways to damage your mouth and teeth. But tooth damage from a car accident doesn’t have to mean crooked teeth or a few permanently missing teeth when you have access to your dentist at Albany Dental who practices both restorative dentistry and cosmetic dentistry. Broken teeth can be repaired and missing teeth replaced. Find out how!

Steering wheels, dashboards, broken glass, airbags and debris all can contribute to traumatic dental accidents — and that’s just if you’re inside the car during an accident. Bicycle accidents, falling down stairs or slipping on ice all can cause facial injuries and tooth damage.Dental accidents add an extra layer of pain and aggravation to an already unfortunate situation.

Once you’ve taken care of any life-threatening injuries, you need a restorative dentist who can also handle any cosmetic challenges you face from the accident. Turn to Albany County Dental Associates. Cosmetic dentists who can perform facial aesthetic procedures, they handle not only your injury, but the no-fault insurance process for you.

Tooth Damage from a Car Accident

When you suffer a traumatic dental accident, the damage is often obvious. You experience bleeding in your mouth, lacerations to your gums, chipped or broken teeth, dislodged teeth, knocked-out teeth or jaw pain. All have the potential to cause considerable discomfort, disrupting your eating, speaking, swallowing and breathing.

Immediate attention by a qualified emergency dental specialist ensures your best hope for a full recovery. Injuries and their treatments include:

  1. Chipped tooth. Teeth broken in accidents are sensitive to hot and cold temperatures. They may even cause pain  when you’re not eating. Your Albany Dental dentist repairs the damage by either replacing the broken piece if it’s in good shape or filling in the crevice with tooth-colored composite. Both treatments result in a relatively quick recovery.
  2. Broken top or crown of the tooth. If the top of a tooth has broken off or is severely compromised, your dentist constructs an artificial crown or cap for your tooth. Made from porcelain, zirconia or another hard, composite material, a crown protects your natural tooth underneath and provides a firm chewing surface.
  3. Exposed pulp. If the dental accident exposes the pulp or interior of a tooth, you know it immediately because of the intense pain. If your dentist can’t restore the damage, a root canal procedure  may be required to save the tooth. Sometimes, you need this procedure right away; other times, your dentist waits until your other injuries have healed. If you have to wait, a temporary cap prevents continued pain.
  4. Split tooth. A split tooth is more serious than a chipped tooth, as the split may extend beneath your gum line, which can cause throbbing tooth pain.  These teeth broken in accidents may be saved with root canals, fillings or bonding agents. Sometimes, a split tooth is too damaged and must be extracted. In this case, your dentist may suggest a bridge or an implant as the next step.
  5. Dislodged tooth. When your mouth, jaw or tooth hits a hard surface, one or more teeth can dislodge or shift. Depending on how far — and in what direction — the tooth is pushed, your dentist may be able to reposition and stabilize the tooth. You may need a root canal procedure due to damaged pulp. At worst, your dentist has to pull the tooth once other damage has healed.
  6. Teeth knocked out in a car accident. Your Albany County dentist knows that lost teeth in a car accident must be handled carefully for the best outcome. With the proper care, your dentist may be able to reinsert and restore the tooth to its natural strength. If you have teeth knocked out in a car accident, don’t touch the root of the tooth! Rinse well in warm water only, and reinsert in the empty socket if possible. Otherwise, put the tooth into milk or a saline solution and visit your dentist right away.

Outcomes from a Dental Accident

Whether you’ve experienced minor tooth trauma or a major impact affecting several teeth, the dental team at Albany County Dental Associates specializes in restoring your dental health  and appearance. Quick attention, including an examination and treatment, makes your recovery process easier, while increasing the likelihood of preserving your natural teeth.

No matter which injury you suffer, it’s best to keep your mouth and teeth moist and clean. Don’t put ointments or aspirin directly on your gums or teeth, as it can interfere with the healing process and cause bleeding. Your dentist’s highest concern is for your health first, but once your health is assured, you can decide which cosmetic procedures you need to restore your facial aesthetics.